COVID-19 in Cameroon : The Ministry of public health rassures


In a press release published on the 28 june, Dr Manaouda Malachie gives the epidemiological situation at the end of the meeting of the strategic counsil for the management of public health emergencies. Meeting who toke place because of the resurgence of Covid-19 in the world.

There is no case of COVID-19 in Cameroon.  Anyway, not yet and that is rassuring.  To Come out with this announcement , the medical guardianship made some examinations at the points of entry of  Cameroon and in our health facilities throught the country. To push the plug further, they also controled the 645 pilgrims who returned from hadj 2024.

The situation for the moment is certainly stable but health personal has to be preventif, and the ministry of health invites to « carry out systematic testing of any person who arrives at a health facility and with flu symptoms, respiratory distress or any suspectes respiratory infection. Also systematically screen for suspectes cases of COVID-19 in the emergency consultation and hospitalisation services of all our public and private health facilities », prescribes Dr Manaouda Malachie.

To the border health post teams, the minister prescribes « the strengthening » of systematical testing of suspected cases and the voluntary screening of travellers upon arrival in Cameroon, whose passage throught the thermal cameras predisposed to this, is strongly recommended.

Nevertheless the minister wanted to make a clarification on doctors whom according to certain informations, are trying to exploit COVID-19 for the mercantilist purposes to the detriment of the populations « he will not spare no efforts to punish any possible error ».

In any case of alarm, cameroonians just have to call the tool free number 1510. It is open for any additionnal information. The Minister count’s on the citizenship of everyone.

Constantin GONNANG

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